About WIH

Hi! I’m Dee, a healthcare provider, fitness enthusiast, and wellness advocate based in Boston, MA.

I spend my days providing anesthesia for surgery and my free time focused on sharing tips for wellness and maintaining a healthy mindset.

More specifically, I help exhausted nurses reclaim their lives through lifestyle changes, wellness practices, focused nutrition, and self-care. All designed to serve the whole provider.

I’m here to help you banish exhaustion, take back your health, and make wellness a priority no matter how busy you are! My tips, strategies, and anecdotes guide you every step of the way.

After 15 years in healthcare, I’ve experienced my share of exhaustion, overwhelm, and putting my health on the ‘back burner’. I found a way to balance it all and am here to share the secrets with you!

No journey is ever a straight line and while there are seasons for change and occasional setbacks, wellness is achievable at any time!

Welcome to Wellness in Healthcare! I’m so glad you’re here.

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