About WIH

Wellness in Healthcare began with compassionate roots and a simple, determined objective: to become a trusted resource for today’s healthcare professionals. An ally that empowers providers to focus on their health. A place to provide tools, tips, and the occasional anecdote to inspire you to implement wellness strategies. 

It’s no secret that our current healthcare model is flawed. The daily demands placed on providers leave little time or energy for wellness practices. As such, healthcare providers (myself included) simply aren’t making their health a priority.  

From a professional perspective, we are at a breaking point. Exhaustion and burnout rates continue to increase at an alarming rate. Providers are leaving healthcare in droves.

The importance of a space like WIH became apparent after I reached my breaking point. As I began sharing my personal experiences, I was inspired to help others make a change. The challenges that accompany being a ‘well provider’ are ubiquitous. While each story is unique, the underlying threads and perspectives are shockingly similar. 

I created WIH as a way to raise awareness and inspire action. The posts and conversational layout are designed to foster a sense of community while facilitating change. Articles cover a range of topics including nutrition, recipes, fitness, and travel; each designed to encourage wellness. A holistic approach to our health is imperative for lasting change.

I believe that every provider is entitled to the same health and wellness we encourage our patients to maintain. Everyone deserves the right to make their health a priority.

It’s time to reclaim your health and wellness. Being healthy as a healthcare provider shouldn’t be an oxymoron. Let’s take a step toward wellness today! Our professional future depends on it. 

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