About WIH

Hi! I’m Dee. I am a healthcare provider, fitness enthusiast, and wellness advocate based in Boston, MA.

I spend my days providing anesthesia for surgery and my free time focused on wellness and maintaining a healthy mindset.

This blog is my guide to regaining health and making wellness a priority no matter how busy you are. Here, you will find tips, recipes, workouts, and other anecdotes to help maintain your health and shift your focus toward wellness. 

No journey is ever a straight line and while there may be seasons for change and an occasional setback, you will get there! By sharing our struggles, our authentic wellness-wins, and by cheering each other on, we will get there!

Welcome to Wellness in Healthcare! I’m your Wellness Cheerleader and your biggest fan! I am truly glad you’re here.

For bite-sized inspiration daily, follow along on Instagram: @wellness.cheerleader and share your wellness wins!

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