What a Crazy Year: Thoughts for My Fellow Nurses as We Kick 2020 to the Curb.

Thank goodness 2021 has finally arrived. 

It may have crept in quietly, slipping in the back door, not turning on any lights, but we know it’s here. (Just like every time you snuck in after curfew and somehow your parents knew…but they were just glad you got home safely.) Yeah, we see you 2021….

This past year has left us with much to process, and even more to reflect on. If you’re a nurse, you know what a year it was. I won’t rehash the nitty gritty, the injustice, or the suffering. 

We each have a story or several to tell, and one day, when this is but a distant memory, we can meet maskless and stand closer to each other than 6 feet, and share what it was like. We can even greet with a hug if you want.

But until that can be our reality, here is my wish:

I hope that you are able to find some time to pause and review as we begin a new year. Both on all you have been through and all you persevered despite the circumstances. 

This year has been a roller coaster of emotions. We’ve experienced everything from fear, dread, fatigue, and grief, to courage, solidarity, and hope. Just making it though each day felt like a battle.

Our fear, worry, and fatigue while overwhelming at times, helped us keep in touch with the human side of what we do. It allowed us to find empathy and dig deep within ourselves when things seemed too dark and insurmountable. 

Our courage and solidarity helped keep us motivated and moving forward together, even when it felt that progress was measured in centimeters instead of feet.

Every day you showed up, for your patients, coworkers, and yourself. Whether you were met with applause, pot banging and appreciation or if you were met with inadequate supplies, lack of PPE, and an overwhelming sense of doom, you made it through. That alone is worth celebrating.

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Finding the positive:

I hope that when you reflect on this past year, you are able to see how your skills and compassion provided comfort to families and loved ones. May you find peace in the knowledge that your expertise and perseverance helped save lives and made a difference for so many patients.

You may never hear the thank yous or the appreciation, but I hope you feel it, deep in your soul with every shift. 

I know we are still fighting this pandemic and that it will likely continue to come in waves and surges as 2021 unfolds. No turning of the page or calendar to a new year will make it magically go away. And we may soon be riding the same roller coaster of emotions again, with no end in sight.

But we do have hope. And the promise of a vaccine. Plus the optimistic feeling of a fresh start that comes with the ball drop and the announcement of 2021.

We still don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but we have each other, and the healthcare community as a whole to lean on. Healthcare providers, and especially nurses, are the glue that keeps it all together; we are the backbone of what is keeping healthcare, however broken it may be, still somehow humming along.

May you feel the support of those who have weathered the storm with you, and know that there are so many more, supporting and lifting you up, no matter where you are and what role you took during this continuing pandemic and crisis. 

And if no one has told you lately, thank you. For everything you’ve done and continue to do! For everything that has happened and the uncertainty of what lies ahead in 2021….I see you, I appreciate you, and I stand with you.

May we all experience a much needed healthy and uplifted 2021. 

In solitude and with deep appreciation for all that you do, 


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