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Who loves a good deal? Or finding that perfect item at a discount? I do!!

I’m sharing my favorite discounts with YOU! Starting with my ABSOLUTE favorite for Healthy Eating and Sustainable Nutrition:

Shop Sakara Life Today!

Healthy, Clean Eating with Sakara:

I’ve been eating Sakara meals for 6 months and I cannot recommend it enough! Each Sakara meal is created around specific pillars of nutrition, based on the science behind a whole-food, plant-based diet.

The meals are optimized with a perfect balance of plant-based protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfood ingredients. They’re 100% organic and free of common allergens like gluten or dairy.

Every bite is packed with body-loving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to keep you glowing from the inside out! The result is brighter skin, better moods, more energy and a body you love living in. Click the image above AND use my code: xoDEE for 20% off your next order! Enjoy!

Rakuten (Formerly Ebates):

If you haven’t discovered the magic of getting CASH!! Actual money back everytime you online shop, you are missing out!

I use Rakuten every time I shop. In fact, it’s the home page on my computer so finding discounts when I order things online is SO easy.

How’s it work? Sign up for an account HERE and then search the store where you want to shop directly from the Rakuten site.

Search the store in the search bar. Rakuten will provide you with the most current cash back offer as well as any additional coupons or discounts the store may have. Click the link to the store and shop as you normally would! Easy Peasy!

The website keeps track of your cash back, and you get a physical check in the mail every quarter! Money for something you already do…shop online! Yes please!

Shop My Closet at Poshmark:


I put most of my clothes (as seen in on the blog and the ‘gram) on Poshmark to find them new homes! If you want to shop my closet, here’s the place to find the things I am parting with! Shop my closet. Bonus, if you find 3 items you like, you’ll get an automatic discount of 15 %. If you’re new to Poshmark, you can get $5 just for trying it with code DINGHYH. If you see something you love but don’t love the price, I am always open to offers! 🙂 I love it when my clothes find new homes and Poshmark makes it SO easy!

On-the-go Nutrition:

squarebackpocket (1)

Square Organics is delicious, protein packed, and made from real food ingredients! They have chocolate coated protein squares (the sea salt ones are a fav), crispy squares and even popcorn! They are available on Amazon (click the bars above), in Whole Foods, or directly from the Square Organics website. Use my code DeepThoughtsTIU for 20% off every order from the website! They just released a super cute hoodie too!

Workout Approved Skincare:


Fré Skincare is made for skin that sweats! It will remove the grime, dirt, and yuck without stripping your skin of its natural oils or hydration. Available online from the Fré skincare website. Use code DTT for 15 % off every day, and 25 % off during their semi-annual sales.

Check back soon for more discounts! You know I love a good deal!

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