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Hey! If you’re here you probably already know how AMAZING it is to be a nurse!! We’re a diverse group with unmatched inner strength, perseverance, and patience. And we have a knack for taking care of patients in our own unique ways.

And even though we may not wear a crisp nursing hat or stark white stockings anymore, our pride in our jobs is still as strong as ever. Once a nurse, always a nurse, right?

As such, our continued dedication to our patients and the hard work we do, speaks for itself.

Luckily the public has overwhelmingly recognized how awesome and trustworthy nurses are. As a result, we consistently rank at the TOP of the list of professions people trust and respect. Florence would be proud!

Our bedside manner, grace under pressure, and ability to care for others at their sickest doesn’t go unnoticed. But it is hard to replicate.

Nurses are frequently depicted in mainstream media. There’s no shortage of TV shows, movies, or the occasional book, to lend visibility, credibility, or humor to the challenging work we do.

But, the accuracy of how well these outsiders portray what nurses *actually* do, can be hit or miss or just plain laughable. Anyone else notice the parade of errors and mistakes in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Yikes.

But today, we are focusing on the lighter side of nursing!

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing a nurse on TV…

Check out this fun, and FREE quiz below, to figure out what your on-screen nurse personality is!

And don’t worry, there’s an opportunity to get all the details, plus insights into any potential ‘character flaws’ for your on-screen nurse personality at the end. 

Get ready; your Emmy-worthy shift is waiting for you! Find out what TV nurse personality you’d be!

Disclaimer: Dr. McDreamy encounter not included with this quiz 🙂

If you’re fed up, and feel like this whole ‘nursing thing’ isn’t worth it anymore, I feel you! Check out this video to get inspired and start taking action today!

But, if you’re ready to make some changes, or just looking for someone who can relate to what you’re going through, you can read more about my story here.

And if you’re looking to be inspired, check out these testimonials from other nurses, just like you, who banished burnout and fought their exhaustion and WON!

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