The One Adjustment You Need to Transform Your Fall Road Race Preparation!

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I’m talking about running insoles. 

As we take advantage of the remaining long, warm days to get in as much outdoor exercise as possible, some of us are thinking ahead to future races and how we’ll motivate ourselves to remain active into the fall. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve started training for a fall road race (or two or three). 

I’ve been training and looking forward to my annual Halloween themed race as well as a few half marathons I’ve got coming up.

In years past, my race prep consisted of buying a new pair of running shoes, a few fun flavors of hydration tabs or some “on the run” food options and an anti chafe stick…because ya, know.

But with the accumulating miles and varying terrain I was running on, I noticed my feet were increasingly more *angry*. As I started running longer distances, my legs and feet were feeling heavy, tired and I was even getting mini cramps in my arches. Something I don’t usually deal with.

Rolling my instep and arches with a frozen water bottle helped a bit, but with my next run, the pain and frustration would return. 

Cue my introduction to the world of insoles. Not just any insoles, but insoles made for runners. With strategic cushioning and a design to maximize energy transfer so you get more out of every step. I was intrigued for sure! 

The Superfeet ADAPT Run insoles are ready to use right out of the box. You just take out your old insoles and slide these into your running shoes. There’s no break in period (yay) so they are perfect for someone, like myself, who hasn’t tried running insoles before. They even work with zero drop shoes!

Girl sitting on treadmill, replacing shoe insole before running.

They fit perfectly into my running shoes…and they felt good bouncing around in the living room. But how would they perform? I was excited for my next training run.

You can see from the photos below, there are different zones throughout the insole. The forefoot design helps cushion your step and provides rebound for efficient energy transfer. So you get the most out of every step.

The heel area has it’s own cushioning which helps disperse the impact of each step in your stride and helps reduce vibration. 

The entire insole is a double layer, made from Aeroltye to provide optimal cushioning while allowing your foot to relax. 

Girl in green sports bra and grey tank top outdoors, holding a running insole and flexing to show its pliability.

And as for performance? On my first run with my new running insoles, I could feel the cushioning of the insole supporting my stride with each step! It was so  comfortable! The forefoot and heel cushioning was noticeable and I felt ‘spring-ier’ through the miles. The insole didn’t change how my shoes felt or how they fit. 

Girl looking at watch while stretching hamstring on left side.

At the end of my run, I was relieved that I didn’t experience my usual heavy, tired, and achy feet. I also didn’t have any arch cramps as I went about my day. I still roll my feet with a frozen water bottle, but it’s for comfort and relaxation now instead of pain relief and cramp mitigation.

These insoles were a small change, with a huge impact. They truly helped my feet feel their best. I am excited to be focusing on the miles ahead instead of tired, sore feet. 

Running shoes, pair of feet in pink socks, and insoles taken from running shoes, all arranged on sidewalk.

If your training runs leave your feet feeling tired and achy, it’s time to upgrade to running insoles. It’s definitely something I wish I tried sooner. Enjoy your runs and get the most out of each step with Superfeet ADAPT Run Insoles.

You can check them out here!

Leave a comment below and let me know what race you are prepping for this fall!

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