Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. A fun, yet sometimes commercialized celebration of romance and romantic love. It also holds significant cultural and religious significance, but those are less often celebrated. 

I like to think of this mid-February holiday as a nice, sweet one, that signals our approach into spring and hopefully warmer weather. After all, it’s often associated with candy, chocolates, and flowers. 

I put together a little gift guide for anyone that may need a little guidance. These gift ideas are geared toward healthcare professionals and are approved by my coworkers and girlfriends alike! So, if you are looking for an idea to spoil your Valentine (or a hard working nurse in your life) this February, here are some gift ideas that are sure to please!

Gift Ideas for your Valentine/Galentine this year:


Rx Coffee mug from Bed, Bath, and Beyond ($6)

This is a great mug for the coffee (or tea) drinker in your life! It’s holds 16 ounces and is perfect for those rare days off when the prescription to get everything done is ‘more coffee’ . You could also fill it with chocolates or little candies from the drugstore. (CVS has the Dove Chocolate hearts that are always a hit!)

There are other varieties of this mug available online, but this one is a great size and a great price point. Check out some others options (including an insulated travel mug) on Amazon.


Burt’s Bees Favorites Kit ($25) 

Your Valentine washes his or her hands a LOT and they are likely on their feet all day too. Sickness doesn’t really take a holiday and healthcare professionals know this better than most! 

So what better way to pamper them than with a great set of lotions and products meant to soothe and hydrate. Those dry hands and tired feet will feel the love!

This Burt’s Bees kit is filled with products that are perfect for hydrating and refreshing! If you aren’t familiar with the brand, their products are ethically sourced, sustainable, and the company uses real, wholesome ingredients in all of their formulations. This favorites kit comes in a beautiful reusable tin.


Peloton Clothing

This one is geared toward the fitness minded Valentine. Peloton recently released a new collection of workout clothes that are perfect for the Healthcare worker in your life.

This collection has leggings, a sports bra, and a t-shirt with a love theme. The leggings and bra have an ekg tracing (that includes a heart detail) plus a fun ‘hearts will race’ saying. Also, 10% of each sale goes directly to the American Heart Association, which is a great partnership.

The items are various shades of pink/white and fit true to size. 


Miss FIT Vapor 2 Watch

This is a great gift idea for someone who is into fitness or into really sleek yet functional watches. I know as a nurse, I look at my watch dozens of times a day and this watch doesn’t disappoint. It’s got all the bells and whistles I could want. 

It’s got a large digital display for date/time/info and integrates via app to your fitness goals. It’s got a built in heart rate monitor and standalone GPS so you always know where you are, which is super helpful when I am out for a run.  It also handles messages, email, etc and you can set it to alert you for any number of things. There are so many ways to use this watch.

My favorite part (germaphobe alert) is the rubberized wristband, because I can easily wipe it down with an alcohol pad or sanitizer cloth at the end of the day, and ensure I’m not bringing any germs home.

They have styles for men and women, plus a ton of color combos and wrist strap materials to choose from. ( I like the rubberized sport band, but that’s just my preference.) Check out their website for all the details and functions available at the flick of a wrist. 

Note: I am not an affiliate, so I don’t have a discount code for you, but the company often has discount codes on their website or on Instagram so be sure to check there for a coupon! You all know I love a deal and this is a bit pricey so definitely look for a coupon code.


A Spa Experience

This is one of my favorite gifts (to give and receive) any time of year. It can be as simple as getting a spa certificate or booking a couples massage. Or, you could take it a step further and make this a fun, DIY project!

You can easily recreate a super romantic spa experience without leaving the house (and without breaking the bank)!

First, set up a few candles around the bathtub (wait to light them til the tub is almost full). Squirt in the bubbles (we love Mr. Bubbles at our house but even a sudsy body wash will make bubbles in a pinch). While the bath tub is filling, put out the ‘nice towels’ or a bathrobe. Turn on a little soft music in the background (classical, jazz, or just search for ‘spa music’). Maybe pour a glass of wine or sparkling beverage, etc. And voila!

You can always offer them a massage after the bubble bath too! At our house, we sometimes order takeout and watch a movie, but that’s just one idea.

It’s really the thought that counts and anything that shows you took the time to think about the other person and express how much they mean to you is perfect! It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to let someone know how much you care, on Valentine’s Day or any other day. I like to buy or make a sentimental card and write a few things, but thats just an idea!

I hope these gift ideas are helpful for you and give you some direction. Let me know what your favorite gifts to give and receive are this February! Hoping you have a wonderful Valentine’s day! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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