“Burning the candle at both ends? That’s an understatement. More like I upgraded to a blowtorch and melted the whole thing down. And I was left with was this numb, detached feeling and a pit in my stomach.

I stumbled upon the Ending Exhaustion Course for Nurses at a time when I was beyond exhausted and ready to leave nursing entirely. I just couldn’t take the day to day frustration and the constant dread I felt walking in for my next shift.

Thanks to the Ending Exhaustion Master Course, I finally fought my exhaustion and WON. Dee showed me how to focus on my needs and the things that were in my control, to take back my energy and my health. Her strategies and tips broke things down into bite-sized pieces and the step by step guidance (and accountability) helped me focus my efforts for maximum impact.

This course is amazing and I use what I learned daily! Thank you so much!!”

Alexandria (Alex), RN — SICU — Philly Area

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