“Ending Exhaustion helped me identify the things in my routine that were zapping my energy and sabotaging my day. Turns out there was more to it than the chronic understaffing or sick patients I take care of every day.

Dee helped me focus my efforts and energy with easy to implement strategies that helped put a stop to me being so exhausted. I had no idea how badly I was derailing my sleep or sabotaging myself for the next shift. It’s no wonder I was spending my days off sleeping for 10+ hours or snacking on honeybuns and chips from the vending machine whenever I could grab a bite at work.

This course helped me get my outlook and my health under control in ways that worked for me and my unique situation. More importantly, it allowed me to regain control both at work and at home.

I’ve even been sleeping better and arrive at work in a better frame of mind. I feel more proactive at work and more comfortable in interactions with colleagues. I’m even mentoring new nurses and actively working to change the culture on our unit. And thanks to this course, I’m a better supporter and advocate for other nurses.

I also set up a few phone calls with Dee and afterward, I felt more confident. It’s a great feeling to have enough energy at the end of the day to say yes to dinner with friends or to just spend time taking care of me. I recommend this course to anyone who feels like I do!”

Mary, RN — Medical Intensive Care Unit — San Diego, CA

If you’re ready to make a change and take back your energy, click here to find out more.

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