Natalie, RN Community Health

“You seriously ignited something in me. I’m NOT a self help seeker. I used to think that kind of stuff was for other people; not me. I’m a professional and I know what I’m doing, I don’t need help. Plus I’m too busy working overtime and picking up shifts whenever possible because these student loans aren’t paying themselves. I figure I can rest when I’m old. Ooo, I cringe just typing that because now I know how incorrect that way of thinking is!

I usually need some nudging, a little guidance and a plethora of ideas I can choose from before I’ll do anything. Much to my surprise, the Ending Exhaustion Master Course met this criteria and had all the resources and tools I needed to make it through the course at a pace that was comfortable for me. Not to toot my own horn, but *TOOT TOOT* I actually did it! And I’m so glad because it changed the way I show up for myself and my patients.

The way Dee was able to break everything down into bite sized pieces and explain the key components and strategy was so helpful. It feels like she’s right there with you, doing the work and making the changes.

The Ending Exhaustion Master Course was the key to help me take back my energy, reprioritize my life, and my health. It was EXACTLY what I needed at a time when healthcare is anything but supportive or positive. I’m so grateful I found this course.

Dee, this is totally your zone of genius and I’m thankful for your help.”

Natalie, RN, MSN — Community Health Center — Grand Forks, ND

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