Podcast Interview: Hey! I Want Your Job!

Healthcare, and how do I say this politely, is a hot mess. A dumpster fire. A comedy of errors. It’s perfect for a podcast.

The world collectively limped into the New Year. Reserved, quietly full of hope, with fingers crossed, and ready to put it all behind us. Instead, we continue to find ourselves tired, stressed, and burned out.  

Personally speaking, I, as well as many coworkers, and other hospital staff were already all of these things before covid hit. Being inundated with a pandemic and caring for countless patients through so much uncertainty just made it worse. But it’s not all negative.

Join me as I chat through all the feelings and emotions, plus how to support nurses struggling with exhaustion and burnout with Michele Olivier on the podcast:

Hey! I Want Your Job.

We discuss the work we’re all doing to keep things going. And how nurses continue, sometimes despite troubling odds, being the heroes we need – and not the martyrs we get cast as.

Along with way, we chat about work environments and employers that sometimes feel like being in an abusive relationship, what’s wrong with toxic positivity, and what you can do now, to find peace or even a little breathing room in your current situation.

Despite this heavy topic, we share plenty of laughs, healthcare truths, and no tears in this podcast.

We even discuss the realities of working in healthcare. Including how to impress the heck out of hiring supervisors and what not to do during an interview. You don’t want to miss this.

You can check out the audio HERE on Apple Podcasts. Or watch the video on YouTube HERE

After you listen to the Podcast, I’d love to know what you think!

If you know you’re in need of support or resources to help manage exhaustion, burnout, or overwhelm, check out my 6 week Ending Exhaustion Course.

And if you’re interested in how I’ve already helped other nurses just like you, check out these testimonials.

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