Podcast Interview: The Helping Conversation

An overdue conversation: Helping the Helpers. Nurses are a fierce and dedicated group. We wish to serve the greater good. To facilitate healing, champion change, and ease suffering.

However, we aren’t always willing to turn our helpful approach inward. We rarely take time to examine our own needs. And our calling to help others stops short when it’s time to help ourselves. How do we help the helpers?

In an interview on The Helping Conversation podcast, I discuss this exact issue. My episode touches on the state of nursing, the business of healthcare, and burnout.

I invite you to listen in.

We discuss:

  • My background and the foundation on which I built my Ending Exhaustion Course
  • My goal to help all nurses make personal health and wellness a priority.
  • Plus how I’m helping my colleagues and other providers put their needs first.

In this episode, we touch on the techniques I use to foster change. Plus the methods and strategies I use to encourage my clients to dig beyond the surface. All while creating a safe, supportive space and trusting environment.

I focus on the unique challenges and intricacies of work in a hospital setting. And how to effectively turn our nursing intuition inward, to shift existing habits and routines. The goal is to serve the provider, and ensure her optimal health and wellness.

Honoring autonomy, my clients receive support through personalized and individualized conversations and strategies. A safe space for exploration and reflection is key. As is confidentiality and anonymity.

Celebrating every success along the way as you take control of your health and wellness for good.

We also discuss the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and guiding expertise. Each part of an ideal environment for a conversation that facilitates lasting change.

My ultimate goal is to empower nurses to take back their health. To heed the advice they so freely give their patients and to live a life they truly love.

Change starts with a conversation and I invite you to listen to ours today!

You don’t want to miss this episode on The Helping Conversation. Check it out on Apple Podcasts. Or on YouTube

After you listen, I’d love to know what you think! Feel free to drop a comment below.

If you know you’re in need of support or resources to help manage exhaustion, burnout, or overwhelm, check out my 6 week Ending Exhaustion Course.

And if you’re interested in how I’ve already helped other nurses just like you, check out these testimonials.

*The Helping Conversation Podcast is any conversation that supports a person or the growth and development of a person, group, or organization. It honors the sacred partnership between two people when one wishes to help another. Hosted by Keith Greer.

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