Healthcare Providers: Are You Tired & Overwhelmed? Share Your Story!

Ever feel defeated and totally worn-out by the end of the day? *Raises hand* Ever had that feeling most days of the week?

Or maybe, after all the education, training, and student loans, you feel like you made a mistake and ended up in the wrong profession? Or you’re wondering how you can keep going until retirement? Yep, me too.

Here’s the most important thing: You are not alone! Exhaustion and burnout are extremely prevalent in many careers; particularly healthcare. Many of us have been exhausted and overwhelmed, and others are feeling that way right now. So let me say it again for the people in the back: You are not alone!

Let’s step out of the darkness and shine a light on this topic. By having the courage to share our unique stories and start those difficult conversations, we can create change.

Please share your experience! I would love to hear your story and (anonymously) feature it here, on Wellness in Healthcare! 

The best way to de-stigmatize exhaustion and spark change is by sharing our experiences. Your story is unique and your voice is important. Please consider sharing it with others.

Again, this can be 100% anonymous. Let’s just get conversation started!

The time is now. Click below to share your story! 

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Thank you so much! By sharing your experience, you are helping shine a light on exhaustion and burnout. Together we can raise awareness and initiate much-needed change. Our careers, our patients, and our health depend on it! 

If you’re not quite ready to share your story, but are curious if you’re at risk for burnout, check out this Quiz!

If you know you’re ready to make a change or if you’re stuck on this healthcare hamster wheel and looking for a way out, check out this video before you make the decision to leave nursing entirely! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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