Snow Day Donuts!

Today I am sharing a family recipe for quick and easy morning donuts! This is a family recipe from my significant other who grew up making these with his family. Now it’s a tradition that we carry on!

We like to make these in the winter, and with all the snow we have been getting recently, they are back in rotation!  On weekends or snow days, my nieces and nephews come to visit, and look forward to making these sweet breakfast treats.

It’s a great way to get everyone involved, and makes a tasty morning snack that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plus, it makes the house smell amazing!


Snow Day Donuts


  • Pillsbury (or similar) jumbo buttermilk biscuits (in the refrigerated section at your local grocery store
  • Cooking oil (vegetable is idea but we use olive oil on occasion)
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon

You will also need:

  • Cutting board
  • Round Cookie cutter (or clean medicine bottle)
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Regular Spoon
  • Shallow dish

To start, pop open the tube of pre-made biscuits and spread them evenly on a cutting board or other cutting safe surface.


Using a round cookie cutter, or in a pinch, an old (clean) medicine bottle; make the ‘donuts’ by pressing the cookie cutter or bottle firmly into the middle of the biscuit. Try not to smush the biscuit while cutting the holes. Keep the holes and set aside to use later.


In the shallow dish, add your cinnamon and sugar. I like to use a ratio of 1/2 cup sugar to 2 tablespoons of cinnamon as a starting point. Give it a taste test and add more cinnamon as needed.


Next, in a frying pan, add enough oil so that it’s roughly 1/4″ deep and covering the inside of the pan. Warm the oil to a medium-high heat.


*Make sure you have an adult in charge of the oil. It gets hot and can pop/spray without warning.  You definitely don’t want anyone to get burned!


When the oil is ready, you will see tiny bubbles start to form on the bottom and sides of the pan. It’s time to put in the first donut. Let it cook for about 20-30 seconds, until golden brown on one side, and then flip it over with the slotted spoon. Continue cooking for another 20 seconds. (Watch for oil splashes as you turn the donut.)


Once it’s all cooked and golden brown on both sides, carefully lift it out with the slotted spoon. Allow any remaining oil to drain off. Then put it right into the cinnamon sugar mix. Spoon the mix immediately over the freshly cooked donut, being sure to get the edges too. Set finished donut aside while you cook the remainder of the dough. 


We like to take turns running the ‘stations’ at our house. Someone is in charge of the cookie cutter/donut hole making, someone else watches the timer for precise cooking on each side, and someone else is in charge of toppings.

We rotate ‘jobs’ every few donuts so no one gets bored and we also like to mix in cooking the donut holes for ‘quality control’ (and taste testing) along the way. They cook much quicker than 30 seconds on each side.

If you’re looking to mix it up, here are some other fun ideas for toppings.

A tropical idea: Cook the donuts in coconut oil. Then, once cooked and drained, drizzle them with honey or agave and sprinkle on some unsweetened coconut flakes. 


A sweet and savory option: You could also consider dipping them in a little chocolate and then drizzling a little melted peanut butter over the top. The flavors are a nice combination and they go great with coffee in the morning. 

A dessert idea: You could also make these as a dessert. Put vanilla or funfetti frosting on the donuts as they are cooling and then add sprinkles! It’s a fun alternative to cake and is much easier to make!


The possibilities are endless. Experiment with what you already have on hand and see what your family likes best.

On your next snow day, I hope you’ll give this recipe a try! It’s always a hit in our house and I know you’ll love it! Let me know what toppings you decide to use!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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