How to Win with Intermittent Fasting: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success

Curious about Intermittent Fasting? Ready to get started but just aren’t sure how? Or if fasting will actually work for you?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with this FREE 5 day intro email series. Each day, you’ll get a detailed email from me that guides you, step by step, through the entire process.

What can you expect?

Clear, actionable steps and foundational information to get you started with Intermittent Fasting. A healthier you is only a few emails away.

We’ll be covering:

First up: The what and why of Intermittent Fasting. Plus we’ll be answering the question: Will this actually work for you and your goals?

Second, we’re diving into an overview of the hour by hour changes your body experiences when you start fasting. Plus what the research reveals about using IF to boost your health and wellness.

Then, we’re discussing “right” way to start IF plus key tips that will make your fasting easier and more effective. Skip the stress and start with a proven IF system that works. I’ve been using it myself for over 3 years now.

Additionally, I’m sharing the best ‘beginners fasting window’. Plus tips on how to get started ASAP.

*Spoiler alert: There’s more to fasting than just skipping breakfast.

Why I don’t recommend extended day fasts or crazy water only fasts and what you should do instead.

And I’m sharing the top, most common mistakes people make when first starting IF. In fact, these are the exact same mistakes I made when I started fasting a few years ago.

Let my mistakes and missteps be your shortcut to success. And if you need a good laugh, check out my disastrous first week of fasting.

Best of all: It’s completely free!

I’m giving you the tools and foundation you need to be successful with IF….no matter what your schedule looks like. Busy? I’ve got you covered. Work long shifts or rotating shifts? I’ve got a method for that too.

Imagine having more energy, better mental clarity and heading confidently toward a healthier you….
With this email challenge that can be YOU in just 5 days!

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. If you’re ready to jump into Intermittent Fasting, I’d love to guide you along your journey.

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Do you already know that Intermittent Fasting is right for you? Ready to take your success and strategy to the next level? If so, check out how I can help you skyrocket your success! You don’t wanna miss this.

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