Quick and Healthy Morning Breakfast Ideas

Today I am sharing my favorite quick and healthy breakfast ideas.


I am a planner by nature and this extends into most areas of my life. Particularly, I enjoy spending a little time on the weekends, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and dinner planning for the week ahead.

Recently though, our schedules have been a tad overbooked, and even with the best of strategies, my weekly meal planning and prepping has fallen by the way-side.

When this happens, I usually end up scrambling to coordinate meals (especially breakfast) and I try to make healthy recipes with what I already have on hand. As you can imagine, some weeks, this works out better than others. Our mornings end up rushed and more often than not, I can’t make a full sit-down breakfast for myself or the rest of the family.

So, instead of skipping breakfast completely, I now ensure I keep quick and healthy choices on hand for the really busy days. I don’t want to let a busy evening, or over-scheduled weekend sabotage my nutrition or affect my meals. Keeping healthy grab and go options in the house helps me stick to my goals.


Here are my favorite go-to’s for breakfast. These options are super quick, filling and contain a healthy serving of protein to help you power through your mornings. And best of all, you can find them in your local grocery store!

My top choices for a quick, but healthy breakfast:

Fruit with Nut Butter:

  • Any fruit you like, and that’s in season works. Our favorite is a banana with peanut butter or some other type of nut butter.
  • I really like Maple Nut Butter (Rx Bar makes a delicious one). The nut butters come in a tub or in convenient, single serving grab and go packets. You can squeeze straight from the packet and onto the banana (or apple, etc) as you dash out the door.


Greek Yogurt and Granola:

  • This is another great supermarket option. There are several of varieties of greek yogurt available in the grocery store, and you likely already know what type you like.
  • I usually opt for Greek Yogurt that has 0% or 1% fat. Then just add in a little pre-made granola (also found in the grocery aisle). The combo gives you a hearty protein-packed start to the day with a slightly sweet crunch from the granola.
  • Be sure to pick a granola without a lot of ‘extras’ (such as chocolate or white chocolate pieces) and read the labels. Avoid brands with added sugars.


Cottage Cheese:

  • This is another great high protein option that will kick start your day and help you power through a busy morning.
  • It tastes great on its own, or you can feel free to add in almost anything to your cottage cheese. We like adding blueberries or strawberries. You could also mix in nuts or seeds. Or just drizzle a little honey or agave on top and enjoy.


Hard-boiled eggs:

  • These are great for super busy mornings. They are self contained and optimally designed for grab and go. If you have a few minutes to hard boil your eggs at the beginning of the week that’s most ideal.
  • If you are pressed for time, check your grocery store salad bar area (or even in your work cafeteria), and you can usually find pre-hard boiled eggs (sometimes already peeled). I just eat them plain, but you can also sprinkle a little pepper on them for some extra flavor.


Here are two extra suggestions if you want a healthy breakfast and you have a few minutes before rushing out the door:

If you have 5-10 minutes: 


  • It’s perfect for those freezing winter mornings. It takes under 2 minutes to make, will warm you from the inside, and keeps you feeling full for a good portion of the day.
  • I like to use plain quick-cook oats and flavor them with a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Cinnamon is great for balancing blood sugar levels and keeping you from a sugar crash later in the day. You can also mix in fruit or nuts as desired.
  • Try to avoid choosing any of the flavored oatmeals if possible, as they are loaded with sugar which can make you feel lethargic and lead to an energy crash later in the day.


If you have 20-30 minutes:

Protein Muffins:

  • Our family is a huge fan of protein muffins for breakfast (or for the occasional dessert). We love Kodiak Cakes brand, and they carry it at our local grocery store.
  • You just add in a few extra ingredients (eggs or egg substitute, almond milk or whatever milk you prefer, and a small amount of oil). Then bake for 15 minutes.
  • My only time saving tip here would be to make them in a regular muffin tin. Mini muffins are all the rage, and yes, they look really cute, but unless you have several mini muffin tins, you will be in the kitchen, filling and cooking several mini muffin pans all morning. I’m betting you don’t have the extra time for that.
  • I save myself the trouble, and keep it quick by making regular sized muffins. One batch is enough to use all the batter, fill one muffin tray, and call it a day!


I hope this post gives you some great ideas for quick and healthy breakfast options. It’s always a good idea to have a few of these items in the fridge, or add them to your grocery list, so when the rushed and chaotic mornings happen (and you know they will), you are prepared and can fueled everyone appropriately!

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