The TOP wellness gifts for everyone on your ‘nice list’ this year

It’s that time of year…holiday shopping. Thankfully, Sakara’s Once a Year Sale is HERE! For just a few select days, you can get access to all the Sakara goodness at an unbelievable discount!! Be sure to use my code: xoDee-BF21 to get the full discount on everything!

Now is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping. Check everyone off your list with these great gift ideas!!

Bonus: If you order during this early Black Friday Sale, you won’t have to worry about shipping delays. No more rushing to get those gifts under the tree! It’s holiday shopping without the stress.

There’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Let’s dive right in.

For the new mom or dad, who needs a little luxury in the morning, before things get crazy:

The Breakfast In Bed Duo

Elevate your morning routine, whether that’s breakfast in bed or a zombie-like walk to the coffee pot.

This gift set includes a luxe Turkish cotton bathrobe with Sakara’s signature granola. This delicious, superfood-filled Coconut Praline Granola is only available for the holidays. And once it sells out, it’s gone, til next year.

For the person on your list who’s always on the go, and could use a little energy boost:

The Metabolism Superpowder Trio

Transform your morning beverage with this best selling trio of items. Sakara’s Metabolism Super Powder, plus a rechargeable electric frother and Daily Ritual Mug.

Enjoy delicious, energy boosting, bloat reducing beverages anywhere you are. The Daily Ritual Mug even keeps beverages warm for up to three hours, so you can sip on your own schedule.

For the health conscious person who enjoys a sweet treat throughout the day:

This Triple Threat Chocolate Treat

Sakara has bundled their best-selling functional chocolates into the perfect gift set. Turn a sweet treat into a healthy ritual to brighten skin, nourish the gut, and support your energy.

These chocolates support better concentration, sustained energy, less fatigue and help clear brain fog.

For the post grad who is secretly an aspiring chef:

The Sakara Life Cookbook with Travel Bowl

Live the Sakara Life from the comfort of your own kitchen with their delicious cookbook. 

It’s filled with over 100 plant-rich, gluten-free recipes. Meaning you can recreate Sakara favorites right at home. 

This gift set includes a beautiful, reusable bowl so you can transport your meals in style. 

Holiday Shopping for the new grad who’s stressed and could use a little self-care and a reset:

The 10-Day Reset

Includes everything you need to experience the benefits of living the Sakara Life. 

It’s a D-I-Y detox so it’s perfect for those who like to do things on their terms. 

The kit is filled with Sakara recipes and glow-enhancing wellness essentials. There are detox and beauty water drops, probiotics, nutrition bars and other essentials. Everything works together to help reset, rebalance, and glow from within.

This gift set is also paired with The Signature Bowl, so taking delicious plant-rich meals on the go is a breeze. And it’s environmentally conscious.

For your cousin who loves tiktok, but you aren’t sure what to get them….

The Sakara Popcorn Trio

A clean, Sakara version of the seasonal classic. Created to deliver a dose of joy and superfood nutrients to you and your loved. With all the flavors you remember from childhood. Thankfully, this version doesn’t have the added sugar, salt or junk.

Water Bottle and Drops Duo:

Take their daily hydration to the next level. Sakara’s limited edition H2O Glow Water Bottle and best-selling Detox + Beauty Water Drops. 

These drops work together to make your water work harder!

Beauty Water Drops: 

Hydrate cells and boost your glow with naturally-occurring ions and trace minerals.

Detox Water Drops:

These chlorophyll-infused drops turn every glass of water into a daily toxin defense.

For YOU. To reward your hard work throughout the year: 

The manifestation candle.

Sakara holiday shopping ideas. Manifestation candle. Beautiful white candle in gold glass jar with decorative wrapping paper.

This is one of my ‘treats’ to myself each year. This candle is amazing and smells delicious. With a powerful blend of 13 botanicals its the perfect gift to manifest your truest desires.

The gift of weekly Sakara meal delivery or a Sakara gift card.

Sakara meals, lunch back with sakara branding and holiday shopping ideas.

Give yourself the gift of health and wellness with recurring Sakara meal delivery.

Support your body through abundant nutrition and tasty meals. Give yourself peace of mind by nourishing your body and it’s processes in the best way possible. All year round!

Consider a gift card as another great option.

You can use it to pamper yourself and your body anytime. Sakara announces special release, curated campaigns throughout the year. So having a gift card for Sakara goodness is something your future self will thank you for!

Did I miss anyone on your holiday shopping list?

If there’s someone on your ‘nice’ list who is hard to buy for…. 

Or what about that person who seems to have everything….

Then give them the gift of great nutrition and better health through Sakara

These great deals won’t stick around forever! This Once a Year Black Friday sale is going on NOW! Don’t forget to use code: xoDee-BF21 for a special discount!! 

Happy Holidays!

May your holiday shopping be a breeze with Sakara!

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