Wanna transform your health in 2023? The ONE item you need to try this YEAR.

The ONE item I’m gifting my fellow health and wellness friends this year. I’m talking birthdays, holidays, and everything in between. ¬†Plus, a discount code just for YOU!

Spoiler….it’s the SAKARA Metabolism Super Powder! And my discount code for you is: xoDee

Gifting items from the Clean Boutique at Sakara is kinda my thing. If you know me, you know I am ‘all in’ on the Sakara lifestyle and I’ve probably tried to get you to try it!

Sakara is a brand that embodies my ideal values, like squeezing the most out of life in every aspect. Or using nutrition and plants as medicine and tools to become your best self. Sakara’s clean boutique’ items are designed to ease you into the practice of self love through nutrition and the Sakara way of life.

One Clean Boutique purchase I have on repeat has been the Metabolism Super Powder. And in advance of the Holidays, Sakara released a duo, and trio of items to compliment their Best Selling powder. 

Spoiler: I’m gifting this to several of my Sakara-curious friends. I am certain they will be huge fans! 

Wanna read more about this amazing powder and why it’s such a game changer? You can find more details below the gifting suggestions. 

If you’re a ‘mornings on the go’ kind of person, this set has you covered:

Sakara life metabolism powder with white mug and white frother.

The 30 day morning ritual collection.

In this set, there’s a 30 day supply of Sakara Metabolism Powder and a Sakara branded portable frother/whisk. Plus a Sakara cup with lid, designed to keep your drinks (hot or cold) at the perfect temperature. Whether you make it at home, the office, or anywhere in between.

If your mornings are less rushed or you have a few extra minutes at home: 

This set will help you create the Metabolism Superpowder beverage of your dreams.

You’ll get a 30 day supply of Sakara Metabolism Powder and a Sakara branded mug. The perfect duo for your morning pour.

Sakara life metabolism super powder with white glass water bottle.

If you’re to the point and no frills, opt for the Metabolism Super Powder all by itself.

There are two options: a box with 10 individual packets, or the Super Powder pouch which gives you a 30 day supply.

No matter how you want to make Metabolism Super Powder part of your routine, Sakara has got you covered. Maybe that’s in your coffee, or a smoothie, or blended with a cayenne-charcoal cocoa, or just mixed with a nut-based milk. 

But be sure to grab it before it sells out again! *And use code: xoDee for a sweet discount.

You can find the Metabolism Super Powder HERE. Or just click on any of these images.

Interested in learning more about what makes Metabolism Super Powder so magical?

Or ready to learn why it’s so transformational and how it became my top gift to give this holiday season?

Keep reading! 

It’s plant-based and stimulant-free. And a natural way to restore your metabolism, decrease bloat, and control cravings. How?

The power of plants.

Sakara Metabolism super powder packet with bowl of fruit, on white table.

This powder utilizes all natural ingredients to recharge and restore your metabolism:

Celery seed: used in Ayurveda as a natural treatment for common ailments. Things like the flu, digestion issues, the common cold, and menstrual cramps.

Gymnema Sylvestre: used in Ayurveda to treat things like malaria and snakebites. In Western medicine, it’s used for lowering blood sugar and lessening how sweet a food tastes.

L-Glutamine: an amino acid and building block for protein. Originally used for muscle building and weight loss. Also helps restore the gut microflora while reducing inflammation.

Fucoxanthin: a carotenoid/major antioxidant found in brown seaweed. A potent anti-inflammatory with anti-diabetic properties that aids in weight management.

Black Pepper Piperine: assists in cognitive brain function. It boosts nutrient absorption, acts as an antioxidant, and improves gastrointestinal functions. Also helps rev up your metabolism. 

Plus, cacao. Which is packed with antioxidants and guilt free chocolate flavor.

Metabolism super powder packets with brown powder spilling onto white table

Did I mention this Metabolism Super Powder is Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free.

Bottom line: Our metabolism is what keeps our digestive fire burning. Optimal digestion has cascading effects on how we feel every day. 

The better our digestion functions, the more efficient our system is. We are less tired, less bloated, and more satisfied after meals, instead of feeling stuffed.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Sakara Metabolism Powder today!

*And be sure to use my code: xoDEE for a special discount!

Act fast, and use code: xoDEE for a great discount on this amazing product, and everything on the Sakara website.

If you wanna see other great items that can help you focus on health and wellness, head over here!

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