HydraFacial: I Tried It!

Alright ladies, who is ready for spring?? It’s officially here and I can feel the warmer weather approaching! There are some tiny buds peeking up through the ground and I am ready!

In an effort to get my skin (and particularly my face) looking its best for spring, I recently had a HydraFacial. This procedure has been getting a lot of buzz lately and HydraFacials are a new breakthrough treatment in aesthetic skincare.

Interested in a HydraFacial for yourself but not sure it’s right for you? Keep reading!

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Here are the details.

What is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial is a three step skincare treatment that uses patented technology and specialized ingredients to restore skin health and create that coveted smooth texture and glowing skin! It’s a hydration based dermabrasion process (hydra-brasion if you will) designed to give you clearer, more radiant skin without much down time.

Who is it for?

Anyone desiring their best skin. A HydraFacial is a clinical results-based facial and you can schedule one at a medical practice or spa. The benefit (and its a big one!) of having this procedure performed at a medical office is that the providers are medically trained, highly knowledgeable, and will have access to more powerful ingredients for your HydraFacial.

Of course, you’ll want to talk to your provider or esthetician to ensure this procedure is right for you. There are certain health conditions (pregnant or nursing) that shouldn’t have a HydraFacial. It’s always best to ask a certified professional to be sure.

What does it target?

It’s great for addressing several common skin care needs. Fine lines and wrinkles? Yep. What about elasticity and firmness? That too. More even skin tone and increased vibrancy? Yes. Clearing congested and oily skin? Oh yeah. Brown spots? Boy bye! 🙂

Where to go:

I was lucky enough to get an appointment at Medical Aesthetics on Tremont (located in the South End) in Boston. I highly recommend this facility! The business is in a beautiful location with a modern feel and loads of natural light. The vibe is professional yet approachable; the space certainly welcomes you inside and embraces your skin!

As I mentioned above, having your facial performed in a setting with trained and certified practitioners is important. I know the team at Medical Aesthetics is knowledgeable and board-certified. They can help me get the results I want, with the proper procedures and medical grade ingredients to reveal my best skin.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the Boston area anytime soon, just make sure to always do your homework and research where you are getting your services (and who will be performing them).

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Stephanie put me at ease! The HydraFacial experience was fabulous!

The HydraFacial Process:

After a check in and some paperwork, I was whisked away to a relaxing treatment room. First thing, I needed a hair band/tie to keep my unruly locks out of the way.

Then a nice face cleansing to remove any makeup or residual products (stubborn sunscreen) before beginning the procedure.

The first step of the HydraFacial involves cleansing and peeling. A mild glycolic peel is used to help break down the cell matrix of the older, outer layer of skin. This peel helps loosen dirt and gunk while preparing skin for exfoliation.

The next step is a painless extraction via gentle suction. It is designed to exfoliate and remove debris from the pores. This step also hydrates the skin with intense moisturizers.

The final step saturates the skin surface with peptides and antioxidants to help maximize hydration and glow. The key ingredient in this step is Hyaluronic Acid to help plump and hydrate.

My HydraFacial was finished with LED light therapy using both blue and red lights.

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How long does it last?

Typically the results last about a week (anywhere from 5-7 days is normal).


Remember to be gentle with your skin for the next 48 hours. Use gentle face wash and mild face lotion. Avoid any aggressive or chemically harsh exfoliants for the next few days. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Particularly after a HydraFacial, but I am sure you are already using sunscreen every day. 🙂


The costs will vary depending on where you receive your services. I found that a HydraFacial was priced similarly to other procedures such as microdermabrasion. Pricing may also vary depending on where you are in the country.

My thoughts:

Skincare is something that’s become increasingly more important to me, especially as I age. The HydraFacial was not only a relaxing and soothing experience, it left my skin glowing. I looked and felt fabulous! 

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So much glow! No makeup needed. I love it!


The minimal downtime from this procedure is ideal. I did have the slightest redness immediately after my HydraFacial, which was to be expected, but by the time we walked the few blocks to brunch, the redness was gone and I was left with a glowing, smooth face!

Bottom line:

This is definitely something I will be adding to my skincare routine on a regular basis (you can get a HydraFacial every 4-6 weeks depending on your skin type and goals).

I also highly recommend it for anyone looking to establish a skincare routine and regimen. There are so many options available with this facial, and so many ways to customize it to suit your unique skincare needs, so you can’t go wrong!

If you are in the Boston area, I highly recommend heading to the South End to Medical Aesthetics on Tremont for a HydraFacial or any of their other amazing services! If you go, tell them I sent you! 🙂 Your skin will love you for it! Plus, you’ll never regret an investment you make in yourself! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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