Quick & Easy Superfood Bites: Ready When You Are!

I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen these days, but I remain obsessed with making healthy, on the go snacks that use superfood ingredients. The superfoods give me a much needed boost of energy and the ingredients make them a great option for picky eaters or those on special diets.

Today I am sharing my newest recipe for healthy superfood bites. I’ve been making these on repeat and they are a hit! Maybe it’s the cacao, or maybe it’s the different toppings we add to each batch but we take these nutrient rich superfood snacks everywhere!

They’re also a great snack option for my shifts at the hospital. Because who has time to actually sit down for a meal? And the superfood ingredients help give me a boost of energy, which I always welcome during an afternoon slump or the middle of the night craving on nightshift. Confession: I have been known to sample a few on my commute.

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Now, let’s prepare your tastebuds for these amazing superfood snacks!


Stove Top Pan

Bowl & spoon

Food Processor

Cookie Sheet

Parchment Paper / Aluminum Foil

Cutting board & knife

Superfood Ingredients: 

1 cup cooked Quinoa

*if you’re starting with dry quinoa, prepare 1/3 cup dry quinoa (see below)

1/2 cup almonds. I like raw, unblanched almonds.

2/3 cup powdered peanut butter (+ mix with 1/3 cup water) 

     *can also substitute 1/3 cup of any nut butter you already have. 

1/3 cup cacao nibs

Small pinch of sea salt

8-10 dates, pitted and chopped


Prepare the quinoa. Use the directions on the package for best results.

If you need basic quinoa cooking instructions: add 1/3 cup of dried quinoa and 2/3 cup of water to a pan and heat to boiling. Quinoa increases 3x in size as it cooks (how’s that for a superfood power), so you’ll end up with 1 cooked cup.

Once it boils, cover and reduce heat to simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the quinoa has fully absorbed all the water. Keep checking the quinoa after the 12-minute mark so it doesn’t burn.

While the quinoa is simmering, combine powdered peanut butter and water in a small bowl. Mix well. The consistency should be similar to regular peanut butter when fully combined. If it’s too thin, add a touch more powder. If it’s too thick, add a more water. I find this step is more of an art, as the ratios of water to peanut butter can yield mixed results. Once the texture is just right, set aside.

Chop the almonds in a food processor until you have small, evenly sized pieces. I like to use the ‘pulse function’ to get them broken up.

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil and reserve for later.

Next, add the dates, peanut butter, cacao nibs (another fantastic superfood), cooked quinoa, and a pinch of sea salt to the food processor. Mix well.

You may need to occasionally scrape down the sides of the food processor to ensure all ingredients are combined. 

Superfood Protein Balls 
Quinoa and Cacao Protein Bites

Once you have a well-formed ‘ball’ of ingredients, turn off and unplug the food processor. This is super important before reaching your hands in!

Get Your Hands Dirty!

Next, scoop a generous tablespoon of the superfood mixture into your hands and roll into a ball. 

The recommended bite-size is around 1″ in diameter and will yield about 16-20 bites. If you want ’em bigger, go for it! We typically make the 2″ superfood bits and that diameter will yield around 12 bites.

Superfood Protein Balls 
Quinoa and Cacao Protein Bites

*Flavor option: If you are looking for more flavors or to switch things up, try rolling the bites in unsweetened coconut flakes or in powdered peanut butter for additional flavor. We’ve even rolled them in sprinkles for a celebratory take these bites. You’ll want to add whatever toppings or flavors once the bites are formed, but before placing them on a cookie sheet. 

Evenly space the superfood bites onto a cookie sheet and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. 

After an hour, your superfood bites have firmed enough to eat. Store any extra balls in a glass or tupperware type container. They will be good for up to a week in the fridge. 

Superfood Protein Balls 
Quinoa and Cacao Protein Bites

Enjoy these healthy, low-sugar superfood bites anytime!!

If you’re interested in other low sugar recipes, like my homemade granola, you can find that recipe HERE and my low-sugar homemade jam HERE.

Give this recipe a try today. If you’ve got a great topping idea or mix-in you swear by, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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