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Good morning Friends!! It’s a fresh new week, in a brand new year! Heck, it’s even the start of a new decade! Let’s let that sink in for a second!! So many possibilities! Also, possibly overwhelming thoughts of how you are going to get everything done! 

I know resolutions aren’t something everyone believes in, but I personally love them! I can dream big, set new goals, and find creative ways to achieve them. I know I can do this anytime, but there’s something about starting a fresh new page that gets me so motivated! 

This year, like you, I am focusing on forming healthy habits and increasing my overall wellness. So, the natural follow-up question is: how do I get started? 

Enter BabbleBoxx! I am so excited for the opportunity to partner with BabbleBoxx and want to introduce their Resolutions Boxx! They have curated a box of products (from their amazing partners) that is perfect for anyone starting their own health and wellness journey. Keep reading for full details about what’s inside (and some discounts codes too)! 

First up: Skincare

Face the new year with your fresh face! This Alpha Skin Care introductory trio has all the basics to get you started toward your best skin ever! 

A refreshing face wash to gently cleanse, remove impurities, and dissolve makeup. It restores your skin’s pH balance, so the other products work their best. The best part, it’s soap free!

Follow this with their 10% AHA Renewal Lotion. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is a powerful ingredient for anti-aging. This acid helps even skin tone and texture while supporting collagen production. That means pesky old, dull skin cells are a thing of the past!

Round out your skincare routine with the Alpha Skin Care essential Face Moisturizer. This moisturizer hydrates and nourishes so your skin stays healthy, soft and smooth! Plus all that hydration helps reduce those tiny fine lines! What a win!

For 20% off your purchase of Alpha Skin Care Products, head HERE and use code Babble20.

Next up: Exercise

Let’s be honest, if exercising and sweating more isn’t on your resolutions list, did you even make any resolutions? 🙂

Looking for a better way to listen to your music, podcasts, or audio books during a workout? AfterShokz headphones will take your listening to a new level. The design is an open-ear headphone that doesn’t sit in your ear, but instead relies on bone conduction technology, IN FRONT of your ear for sound.

These have been perfect for running in the city! With the open ear style, I still hear my music AND can still be aware of my surroundings, like cars driving past or other runners and bikers on the path. Tuning in without tuning out, and staying safe!

Other perks: they are sweat and waterproof with an 8 hour battery life, meaning they are with you for the long haul! Take your fitness up a notch with Aeropex Aftershokz headphones.

As someone who always has a hard time with other headphones and their ‘fit’, I was ready for this product. Old earbuds either fall out immediately or they are painful and make my ears hurt pretty soon after I put them in. Not so with the Aeropex!

Grab a pair today! Head HERE and use code RESET50 for $50 off an Endurance Aeropex Bundle until March 6th, 2020.

Whether you are staring down a tough workout, or just finished one, let’s talk about the supplements to give your workout a kick or nourish your body as you recover. 

Have you heard about MCT’s?

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are an easily digested source of energy and fuel for the body.

Nutiva has released an Organic MCT oil and MCT powder that are both part of my New Year’s routine. So what are they and how do I use them? 

MCT oil is derived from young, organic coconuts and provides clean energy, enhances mental clarity, and boosts metabolism. It blends easily into smoothies or shakes.

MCT powder is derived from organic virgin coconut oil. It’s a creamier alternative to MCT oil and is great for those following a Keto diet. Nutiva’s MCT powder delivers digestible fatty acids which convert to ketones quickly! Ketones give your brain, muscles, and tissues sustainable energy. 

Here’s my go-to smoothie recipe using Nutiva!

  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/3 cup raspberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop Nutiva MCT powder OR 1 TBSP Nutiva MCT Oil
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 TBSP hemp seeds
  • 1/2 cup ice (may omit if fruit is frozen) 

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Grab your own MCT Powder HERE or MCT Oil HERE and use code NEWYEARBOXX30 for 30% off! 

Looking for a way to help others be more active in the New Year? Check out the National Endowment for Youth Sports (NEYS). NEYS is a non-profit focused on making sports accessible to every youth in America, regardless of gender, disability, or economic situation. 

Through grants and fundraising, NEYS provides a foundation for youth sports and access to permanent youth sports programs in some of the most distressed areas throughout the country. 

As someone who actively participated in sports growing up, I fully support the NEYS mission. Participating in a sport can lead to better self esteem, creativity, and help kids build important skills through teamwork, resilience, and leadership! It can also help teach important habits around health and fitness.

I know that playing sports taught me a multitude of life skills I still use today. It helped keep me out of trouble, encouraged me to make good decisions, and provided me with a group of supportive teammates and friends.

Sports programs have so many benefits and every child deserves the opportunity to participate! I am taking the American Youth Sports Pledge because sports for ALL matters. I’d love for you to join me! f you’d like to take the pledge and spread the news about NEYS and their mission, please visit their website.

Self care & Supplements

Something I was surprised but excited to find in my BabbleBoxx is UpSpring’s Stomach Settle Drops. 

For me, the New Year means fresh travel plans, new stamps in my passport, and finding a hidden corner of the globe to explore! 

One thing that quickly puts a damper on any trip, is my stomach. I have a very testy and finicky stomach to put it nicely. If you’ve ever been in a cab or rideshare with me, you know I get nauseous and motion sick on even the shortest of trips. 

I love to travel, but if the plane ride doesn’t leave me with nausea and holding an air sickness bag by the time we land, the new cuisine at my destination usually does. 

So, instead of giving up my travel plans, I pack a bag of UpSpring’s Stomach Settle Drops! One in my carry on (and one in my checked bag) and I am ready for the next adventure! 

UpSpring’s drops are made with four of the top natural ingredients to combat digestive upset (ginger, spearmint, lemon, and vitamin B6). Each drop tastes like lemon-ginger mix with a touch of honey. They come individually wrapped so they are perfect to toss in a purse, pocket, or backpack. 

Plus, you can find them at your local Target or Walmart in the digestive aisle! Check them out next time you are in store, or go HERE.

Moving along the list of my Resolutions, I am making an effort to focus on being more mindful, to work more efficiently, and better manage my stress. We are constantly pulled in so many directions and our time and resources seem to be stretched to the max! I am hoping to change this in 2020, both at work and in my side hustle!

Buddah’s Office: The Ancient Art of Waking Up while Working Well is the perfect companion to help me with this Resolution. 

This book is an approachable way to understand and incorporate Buddha’s teachings into your everyday practice. Each chapter contains a simple guide for applying his teachings. By adding his wisdom to everyday tasks, you increase your peace of mind, mindfulness, and ability to care for yourself and others.

Buddha’s Office was written with the understanding that all commitments are important. Finding a way of working that is ‘right’ for you, your health, your sanity, and the world, is the key. This book is my guide for a focused, productive, and mindful year! I am very excited to implement Buddha’s teachings and plan to revisit this book frequently. 

You can find out more about Buddha’s Office HERE.


Rounding out the amazing products in this Resolutions BabbleBoxx are two products from CBDistillery. 

I have been intrigued by CBD as an adaptogen since I first started hearing about it. The more I read and research, the more evidence I find supporting the idea that CBD and CBD oils make a difference in our quality of life, with the caveat that they must be quality products.

CBDistillery is a place I can feel comfortable buying CBD. They use third party lab testing for each product to ensure quality. They also make those results available to you, the consumer! Transparency for customers is important and helps empower my decisions when I buy CBD. 

Their quality and consistency in testing is one of the reasons I have been so excited to try both daytime and nighttime CBDistillery products.

Morning dose:

I take one Full Spectrum CBD Softgel every morning before I head out the door. There’s no measuring or mixing because each softgel contains exactly 30 mg of CBD. I like knowing the dosage is consistent, so it works effectively and predictably in my body.

(If you aren’t familiar, CBD is an adaptogen which is a fancy way of saying it takes time and consistency for the full effects of something to be felt. It works by getting to the root of the issue and brings your body into balance naturally, instead of masking symptoms or problems.)

Evening dose:

At bedtime, I enjoy taking the CBDistillery Nighttime gummies. These gummies contain 30 mg CBD plus 1.5 mg Melatonin to help you get a quality night’s sleep. They are a great nighttime gummy, with over 99% pure CBD isolate so you can ‘rest assured’ (pun intended) you are enjoying all the CBD benefits without any THC. 

You can grab your own CBDistillery products HERE and be sure to use the code NEWYEARNEWME for 20% off.

That’s a wrap on the 2020 Resolutions Boxx from BabbleBoxx.

I am thoroughly delighted with each item in the box and I know they will help me along the road to achieving my Resolutions and goals in 2020! 

What are some of your top resolutions for 2020? I’d love to hear them! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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